rhea CoCo
CoCo combines a COOL with either a business line or variplpus eC to offer consumers both hot and cold drinks in one convenient drinks station

rhea CoCo

coffee is not enough. In fact, coffee accounts for only 26% of what consumers want from a drink station.

combining any of the COOL range machines together with either the laRhea V+ eC model or the rhea business line eC, CoCo enables you to cover a far higher share of consumer needs.

of course, coffee consumers still want to make their own choice: espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, moccacino, café au lait, etc., and all this must be top-quality.

but they want even more freedom of choice, and that’s what CoCo is all about.

12 hot recipes and 4 water-based drinks to cover the remaining 74% of market demand.