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rhea rhMM1.v+ milk system
Our new innovative fresh milk system has arrived and is in stock! The Rhea rhMM1.v+ milk system works in conjunction with our laRhea Grande Premium machines and utilises their Varitherm technology to produce barista quality milks at the touch of a button.

laRhea Professionale Range

the new laRhea professionale range
rheavendors group has teamed up with wega to create a partnership for a new range of professional traditional espresso machines.


rheamote, first presented at host 2017, is rheavendors’ touchless solution to run automatic coffee machines remotely.


cleanori cleansing system
from rheavendors comes cleanori, a patented antimicrobial coating agent that not only kills all corona viruses and influenza viruses from surfaces treated with it, but it will stay on surfaces for over 14 days.

Heritage of Tomorrow

the heritage of tomorrow
the past is where the future has its roots. we celebrate 60 years of history and successes with an eye to the future. It is the heritage of our past that brings us the gift of tomorrow. It is The Heritage of Tomorrow.