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the heritage of tomorrow

David Livermore

quality and value of time
davide livermore, a director of opera and theatre, has staged performances for major national and international theatres from philadelphia to tokyo, in addition to having opened two consecutive seasons of la scala in milan, with “attila” in 2018 and “tosca” in 2019. through his friendship with carlo doglioni majer, he has been a part of rhea’s world for many years.

Simona Ghizzoni

true sustainability comes from listening
simona ghizzoni is a photographer and women's rights activist. her works are rooted in personal experience, which she reformulates and interprets through photography and videos. photography involves the desire to listen and share knowledge, a propensity for dialogue that sparked an instant and mutual affinity between simona and rhea.
espresso coffee manufacturer

Davide Scabin

creativity and innovative experimentation
davide scabin, an award-winning chef at in rivoli, is one of the world’s most admired Italian chefs. renowned for his creativity and innovative experimentation, he was enlisted to create “space food” for astronauts in 2013.


laRhea Professionale Range

the new laRhea professionale range

rheavendors group has teamed up with wega to create a partnership for a new range of professional traditional espresso machines.


rheamote, first presented at host 2017, is rheavendors’ touchless solution to run automatic coffee machines remotely.


cleanori cleansing system

from rheavendors comes cleanori, a patented antimicrobial coating agent that not only kills all corona viruses and influenza  viruses from surfaces treated with it, but it will stay on surfaces for over 14 days.

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