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The rhTT1 VHO is the perfect combination between design and ergonomics. This machine is designed to fit every environment and to create an intuitive coffee experience for our consumers.


rhTT1.v+ VHO has the Varitherm, our patented induction heating system which adjusts the temperature of the water to the specific drink recipe requested, even for different ingredients within the same recipe.What’s more induction heating allow savings on energy costs and consumption by comparison to traditional boilers.


The large 10" touch screen allows you to set up entirely customisable and intuitive interfaces, and can even give you a great source of infotainment.

The cup station, equipped with a sensor that can detect different heights and colours, measures 165mm tall to satisfy every preference in terms of drinks and beverages, whose quality is improved by the separate hot water nozzle. With it's increased 3kg bean hopper, the VHO can handle busier enviroments with reducing re-fills each day.


  • width: 375 mm
    height: 740 mm
    depth: 575 mm
    cup support height: 90 mm
    dispensing area height: 165 mm

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