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The modularity and versatility of the new rhTT3 offers you a wide variety of drinks and recipes to satisfy your every need.

The capacitive interface allows for a complete customisations of product labels and images, with a possibility of up to 3 pre-selections other than the 12 direct selections available on the machine.


The rhTT3 is the ideal machine for bakeries, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and even home kitchens: it can fit easily under a cupboard thanks to its wide and low design, truly adapting to new and modern needs. In addition, the quality of the drinks is enhanced by the separate hot water nozzle for a high-quality infusion.


The frontal and lateral panels can also be customised to get a sleek and elegant design to your liking.


  • width: 580 mm
    height: 452 mm
    depth: 522 mm
    height dispensing area: 120 mm

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