perfect water temperature


varitherm is a heating system that adjusts the temperature of the water to the specific drink recipe requested. as any coffee expert will know, different grinds require different water temperatures and variable amounts of time in contact with the ground coffee. the same goes for frothed milk for cappuccino or straight milk for a café au lait.
at last you can enjoy a proper latte macchiato, with each layer – coffee, milk, foam – heated to just the right temperature. varitherm features rheavendors’ patented induction technology, which means up to 65% - 75% savings on energy costs and consumption by comparison to traditional boilers.


•over 6 years proven & patented boiler technology.

•adjustable water temperature to suit all ingredients –  e.g. Coffee - 92°c, Milk - 75°c, Chocolate - 85°c.

•65% - 75% more energy efficient than a traditional system.

•enables machines to dispense back to back drinks with no recovery time.

•less susceptible to scale

•no heating element.

•improved cost of ownership.

•easier and safer to work on for engineers.


 (fitted to laRhea Variplus machines only)