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The Rhea rhMM1.v+ system allows you to offer a wide range of beverages with both hot and cold fresh milk. Moreover, in keeping with new lifestyle trends, it can even use non-dairy milks to prepare a vegan cappuccino or latte macchiato.


One of the most innovative features of the new rhMM1.v+ system is the use of our Varitherm induction technology, which steam-heats the fresh milk. The system does not inject steam into the milk, as the heating is indirect, and therefore beverages are not diluted. What’s more, it saves energy because the steam is generated by the same heat used to brew your drink. The rhMM1.v+ system makes it possible to prepare drinks with three different levels of foam, adjustable according to customer preferences.

The maintenance, hygiene, and safety of the rhMM1.v+ is ensured by an automatic rinsing cycle that can be set after each dispensing or every 2 minutes and by an automatic daily sanitising cycle.

Unlike other table top machines, you do not need a purpose made fresh milk machine, the rhmm1.v+ unit can be added to any laRhea Variplus Premium machines, this then converts it from an instant milk machine to run either fully fresh milk or both fresh and instant milk, the system can also be removed at any time and the machine can convert back to using instant milk only.


  • unit only:

    width: 180 mm
    height: 544 mm
    depth: 394 mm
    weight: 14,5kg

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